Internet Explorer Lockdown 1.0: Internet Explorer Lockdown - Prevent history deletion, restrict websites

Internet Explorer Lockdown 1.0

Internet Explorer Lockdown - This simple, but powerful program will enable you to lock down Internet Explorer 8 or higher preventing users from undesired access to Internet Explorer settings and websites. Customize browser buttons, toolbars, menus. Perfect for home use (parental controls), businesses, training kiosks, schools, libraries, internet cafes, hotels, museums, and a host of other areas that require restricted use of Internet Explorer.

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Internet Access Controller Restrict, block, limit internet access or web sites specified schedule, time

Internet Access Controller

Access Controller is a leading software tool for controlling, blocking web sites and restricting internet & network access. Internet Access Controller can restrict internet access at specified times or on demand. You can password protect an internet connection. Protect your computer from viruses, trojans, worms that can be contracted from malicious websites or programs. Great for parental control or to prevent employess from inappropriate internet

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Block Websites Buddy 4.0: Award-winning software to block unwanted websites

Block Websites Buddy 4.0

Block Websites Buddy is award-winning website blocker for Windows XP/2003/Vista/7. The software is compatible with all popular browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE7,IE8), Safari and Opera. Block Websites Buddy lets you block several websites at once, backup/restore blocked websites list, protect blocker/unblocker with password. The software has predefined list of ready-to-block advertising websites. Enjoy!

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Website Blocker 1.0.12: Website Blocker application can used to blocks and restricts urls to browse.

Website Blocker 1.0.12

restriction and blocking on internet explorer, mozilla firefox, google chrome, opera and mac safari. Web restriction creating programs is great tools. Website Blocking Software owned over browser to make restrictions and blocking. Url Blockers can do several urls restrict to open, just add domain and click to block url. Internet blocking application wonderful to make parental control to opens website, also help to blocks adult content by adding web

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Website Filter  1.0: Filter Access to Websites Easily and Effectively

Website Filter 1.0

Access to Websites Easily and Effectively. Compatible with all internet browsers; WebsiteFilter provides the best option for being able to filter access to an unlimited number of websites. Users can simply add individual webpages or websites onto a `custom list` and instantly block them from being viewed. Easily, quickly and effectively! WebsiteFilter also includes a `Pre-domain list,` which is essentially a list of pre-determined websites and URLs

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IEProtect 3.03: Password protect selected websites from viewing in Internet Explorer

IEProtect 3.03

Password protect access to selected websites on your PC. With the help of this software you may password protect access to any website from your computer. All you have to do is to specify the access password and a list of protected websites. When another computer user is trying to browse a protected site he will be asked to enter the password that you have selected.

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SentryPC 2.30: Filtering, Monitoring, and Access Control Software for your PC.

SentryPC 2.30

restrict and monitor your computer allowing access to what you want when you want for all users! Specify the hours, the days, and total usage time for virtually every aspect of your computer including specific programs, websites, and basic computer and Internet usage! SentryPC can also monitor and record all keystrokes, website visits, windows interacted with, chat conversations, and even applications used. Use it as a parental control tool for your

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Go Facebok Proxy 1.0.0: Go facebook proxy is the best solution to access facebook

Go Facebok Proxy 1.0.0

Go facebook proxy is the best solution to access facebook from any network with blocked and access limitations for facebook login. Our website gives you freeware services for anonymously Facebook surfing. We launched a new proxy tool for your personal use. Try our freeware tool to unblock any network restrictions and share your experiences with your friends and family members that work in anywhere,

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Get Access Database Password 2.0: Access Unlocker Software to get access database password & unlock mdb file

Get Access Database Password 2.0

If you lost or forgot your MS Access database password & wants to get access database password again? PDS Access Password Recovery tool helps you to recover ms access database password & unlock access database within 5 seconds. Unlock access file is very simple by using access password recovery tool. Access unlocker is an access password cracker program to quickly crack ms access password from lost or forgotten access database password.

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A1 Website Download 3.3.4: Download and archive entire websites such as forums, galleries and online books

A1 Website Download 3.3.4

Download and archive entire websites such as forums, galleries, online books and articles. Website downloader can perform website login and handle cookies. Copy and store websites on portable media such USB and CD. Convert dynamic database driven websites into static. Present websites to clients in offices with no internet access. Automate download of websites at times convenient to you. Quickly download websites using multiple connections.

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